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EdTA Member Opportunity for No Fee Philly and the Dreamer Production License

  • 1.  EdTA Member Opportunity for No Fee Philly and the Dreamer Production License

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    EdTA Member Opportunity for No Fee Philly and the Dreamer Production License.

    Philly and the Dreamer Promo Video

    As part of their efforts to partner with and support EdTA and to bring new, original musical theater opportunities to high school students, the producers of Philly and the Dreamer are offering no-fee production licenses to six selected EdTA member schools for production in 2021 and spring of 2022. 

    Initial applications must be received on or before November 15, 2020.  Potential schools will be contacted by December 1, 2020 and provided with a full script and score for review. 

    Selections will be based on best fit including the following:

    • We are seeking to present in multiple geographic areas of the country.
    • Preferred production dates.  
    • School Casting and Production Capabilities. Casting requirements attached.
      • Number of students participating in the school's theater and choir programs
      • Theater size and technical production capabilities
      • Music program and/or use of professional musicians
      • Dance program and/or access to dedicated choreographer(s)

    The production agreement will be a standard one-time production license with filming and streaming limitations but without licensing fee.

    Faculty director and production team members must be willing to meet and collaborate with the writer and developmental producer to maintain the intended integrity of the show relating to scenes, characters, dialogue, lyrics, etc.  Our intent is to preserve the overall structure and vision of the show but not to interact or interfere with student direction, staging or inspired execution of the production.  

    We realize that access for the students to the developmental producer and the writer can be very beneficial and we are willing to discussed arrangements.

    Application link - Philly and the Dreamer Application

    We look forward to hearing from interested schools.

    John Cal
    Philly Developmental LLC

    John Cal