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Play writing Mentor?

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    Posted 07-13-2020 13:37
    Hello all!

    Crazy times right? Sending out lots of positive vibes as we all work through the next several weeks and months. 

    I have a student who is interested in playwriting. I've worked with new plays in college (a LONG time ago) but don't have a lot of experience writing them. I know that there are playwrights that are on this thread. Would anyone be interested in being a mentor or sounding board for my student? He's a great writer, super smart and interested in mystery/noir themes. 

    In this time covid where we're all staying closer to home and looking for things to do, I'm hoping that there might be some interest. Thanks for considering!

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    Posted 07-14-2020 14:54
    This is a great question and I am also looking for playwriting groups or mentors as I work on a playwriting unit for my students and work on plays myself. Thanks Megan for the question and thanks in advance to anyone who can offer advice!

    Christina Vincent
    Director of Theatre
    The Woodhall School
    Bethlehem, CT

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    Posted 07-14-2020 20:03
    I am a playwright in Los Angeles (also a retired hs theatre teacher). I have two thought for you in terms of mentoring for hs playwrights: 1) Contact the chair of the Alliance of L.A. Playwrights (ALAP). His name is Jonathon Dorf, and he is a fairly well-known playwright specifically of plays for young audiences. He could send out an invitation to L.A. playwrights about mentoring opportunities. His email is  2) Contact the Dramatists Guild (the union of playwrights). The head of the Dramatist Guild Institute, which is the educational wing, is Gary Garrison. He may be helpful in pointing you toward mentors. His email is:   In addition, if your budding playwrights are particularly interested in writing about political issues, you (or they) can reach out to the Dramatists Guild Political Engagement Initiative. That director is Jenna Chrisphonte at:

    Hope these help. No mission greater then launching new voices for the theatre!

    Robin Share
    Los Angeles Unified School District
    Sherman Oaks CA

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    Posted 07-15-2020 12:42
    Hi Megan, Christina and Robin -  I echo Robin's advice about the wonderful resources of the Dramatists Guild - and I, too, can be a resource for you. I'm a NYC-based writer and teaching artist ( and have been mentoring for the Young Playwrights Festival in Santa Barbara, CA.  I recently wrote an article for about story structure if you would like to start there: and have led writing workshops for high schoolers and professional writers.  Please let me know how I may help in any way.

    All the best to yall,
    Sammy Buck

    Sammy Buck
    New York NY

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    Posted 07-16-2020 09:54
    Great article!

    Garry Tiller
    Theatre Arts Teaching Artist
    Sidwell Friends
    Washington, DC

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    Posted 07-16-2020 15:12
    Thank you so much!

    Sammy Buck
    New York NY