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Summer Musical Theater programs

  • 1.  Summer Musical Theater programs

    Posted 06-10-2019 15:05
    HI folks, I teach a lot of international students who are passionate about Musical Theater. Many of them cannot afford to move to the US for graduate studies, but they CAN afford to come over for a summer program. These students (20s-30s somethings) have finished undergraduate programs and now want to specialize in performing musical theater. Do any of you know of summer training programs - at a university or a professional company that offers such a program that you can recommend? Thanks for any guidance you can give.

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    Posted 06-11-2019 07:57
    Hello! There is a program called CAP21 in New York and there also have been summer training programs at Fordham University, as well as several acting, dance and vocal studios with summer programs. At this time, the application deadlines may have passed for the week-long (or longer) summer intensives, but students could certainly come to NYC and take workshops and classes, especially at the dance studios. Broadway Dance Center is a fabulous start, as many Broadway performers teach and take classes there.

    Karen Moody
    English/Theatre Teacher
    King William VA