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Middle School Musical Theater Class Rubric

  • 1.  Middle School Musical Theater Class Rubric

    Posted 12-31-2018 10:35
    I am creating a new Middle School Musical Theater Class and am looking for suggestions for a rehearsal behavior/expectations rubric.  The class will meet 3 times a week during our second semester and everyone in the class will perform in the musical, which will be presented in May.  We are doing The Phantom Tollbooth and will hold in-class auditions when the semester begins at the end of January.  There are 27 students in the class and I am planning to create different ensemble groups, for each section of the story.  However, that means that one or more groups will have downtime as I work with other groups.  So, I am looking to create benchmarks for things like preparedness (i.e. having their script and a pencil everyday), their ability to sit quietly while others work, their ability to work independently on their lines (or with a student director from our Upper School), their ability to take direction, and so on.  If you have any suggestions, or have a similar rubric that you can share as an example, I'd appreciate it.

    Thanks - and Happy New Year!

    Susan Speidel
    Theater Program Director
    Morristown-Beard School
    Springfield NJ