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1.  Young Frankenstien???

Posted 06-06-2014 15:22
So, I am trying to select a musical for next year.  I will admit that I have never seen the movie, nor heard the music from the was one of those suggested shows...

What are your thoughts on this show for a high school in the South...right in the Bible belt?  You know what I mean?

Carolyn Greer

Owensboro HS #3161

2.  RE: Young Frankenstien???

Posted 06-07-2014 02:46
Funny, we're looking at it for or 2015 musical. However since it's over a year off I haven't looked too closely yet so I'm not sure on content and all that. I'll be curious to see what others have to say. ------------------------------------------- Laura Steenson Theatre Director Reynolds High School Troutdale OR -------------------------------------------

3.  RE: Young Frankenstien???

Posted 06-07-2014 06:05
I've seen it and remember it being a tad raunchy. That said, the only problem I think I'd have down here is the song My Boyfriend. That's really raunchy by our southern standards. Maybe they have alternate lyrics available like they so for Spelling Bee? ------------------------------------------- Connie Voight Alabama Randolph School Huntsville AL -------------------------------------------

4.  RE: Young Frankenstien???

Posted 06-07-2014 09:12
First of all, YF is one of my ALL TIME favorite films. You haven't seen it? Your education is incomplete! It's genius.

That said-it's Mel Brooks, and contains quite a bit of Mel Brooks double entendre, innuendo, and more. I haven;t seen the musical, but et's take a look at the song "Deep Love." The title itself is innuendo. Elizabeth and the Monster have just spent the night having sex.

++++++++begin quote from

(spoken) Penny for your thoughts.
You know, until now my life has been nothing but a meaningless world of silly parties.
But I always sensed that something was missing. Love.
And I'm not talkin about puppy love either. A one night stand love or
cheap love. No, what I'm talkin about is-oh, what's the word I'm looking for-ah, yes.

(sung) Deep love. At last I've found deep love.
Been searching for deep love, for all of my life. Long love. Incredibley long
love. A constant and strong love, that rids me of strife. Firm love.
A gentle, but firm love. An unyeilding firm love, for this my heart cries.
Deep love. At last I've found deep love. Now I will keep love forever inside.


(giggles) Again? Oh, you're incouragable, aren't you, you ol' zipper neck.
Hmmm, well alright. Seven always has been my lucky number.
Come here you great big hot monster!


Wh--what? What is it, what is the matter, is it--is it that music? Oh, forget it.
That's just some poor lonely fool blowin his french horn.
(monster groans)
Wh--where are you going? You're walking out on me? Me?!
Oh, you men are all alike.
Five or six quick ones and you're off with the boys to boast and brag.
Oh, I think I love him.
(sung) Deep love. At last I found deep love.
Now I will keep love deeper and deeper and deeper and deeper and deeper and
deeper and deeper forever inside! Forever inside!
++++++++end quote++++++++

The lyrics for "Don't Touch Me" skip straight past innuendo. You can check 'em out at

Again, I adore all things Mel Brooks. But, unless MTI allows numerous changes, I can't imagine getting this one past most High School admins, let alone one here in the South.


Scott Piehler
Drama Director
Lilburn GA

5.  RE: Young Frankenstien???

Posted 06-08-2014 10:52

COME TO MY HOUSE AND SEE THE MOVIE! That will fill you in enough on what the show is like...Although Scott pretty much summed it up with the song lyrics! LOL

Jessica Stafford
Theatre Teacher
Owensboro Public Schools
Owensboro KY
Jr. Thespian Troupe #89126

6.  RE: Young Frankenstien???

Posted 06-07-2014 10:40
NOOOO!!!!  I love "Young Frankenstein" both the movie (one of the greatest comedies ever!!!), and the stage show is wonderful....BUT!!!!  

It has tons of sexual innuendo and several songs ("Please Don't Touch Me", "He Vas My Boyfriend", and "Roll in the Hay") that are (hilarious) character songs all about sex.  

In most urban communities in and around New York and even Atlanta, it is considered a PG-13 show.  But in my rural, bible-belt community, it is R-rated and kids under 12 wouldn't be allowed to come and see it (more than 1/4 of my audience).

I want to do it, but since I wouldn't be able to do a show like "Legally Blonde" that also has "questionable" material, in my rural community, "Frankenstein" would have to be cut significantly.

If you want to do a "monster" show that the kids would love and DOESN'T have such issues, look at "Zombie Prom" or "Little Shop of Horrors".  Even "Batboy" is do-able with some minor cuts.  Good luck!!

Josh Ruben
Fine Arts Head
Chattanooga TN

7.  RE: Young Frankenstien???

Posted 06-07-2014 17:11

I'd be really careful about doing "Young Frankenstein" sight unseen.  I just read it while looking for my show for next year.  I had high hopes but was disappointed.  It is probably not quite as raunchy as "The Producers" but it is pretty close in that Mel Brooks kind of way.  (And I love The Producers).  I would have serious qualms about doing it in my school in central Massachusetts, let alone the Bible Belt (I grew up in Oklahoma so I think I know where you are coming from.).

Also, as somebody who finds the movie to be quite funny in a stupid kind of way, I really didn't like the musical.  It seemed forced and felt like it didn't know what it wanted to be.  After reading it, I removed it from my mental list of shows I'm interested in ever directing.  (Now, I've never seen a production of it, so perhaps it has charms I didn't see, but I didn't enjoy the script or the music).

For what it's worth...

Christopher Sheldon
Bancroft School
Worcester MA

8.  RE: Young Frankenstien???

Posted 06-08-2014 08:01
We presented THE PRODUCERS in 2009. It's got plenty of raunchiness, but it is the Nazi stuff that I think gives most people pause. I am not aware of any complaints.

I think YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN is a lot raunchier just based on listening to the cast album. I would not even consider doing the show even though I find it to be very funny.

Mark A Zimmerman
Theatre Director
Akron School for the Arts
Akron Public Schools