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Clue: On Stage

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    Posted 11-15-2019 09:01
    I need inspiration for my set design for "Clue: On Stage" (non-musical). Small program and I'm a one-man crew. Proscenium is only 28' wide. Please share. Thanks!

    Michael Eggers
    Theatre Arts Teacher
    Mountain City TN

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    Posted 11-15-2019 13:04

    If you search this forum, you will find a lot of people with creative ideas. I'm a one man show here too, here is something I posted a couple months back:

    I'm still figuring out how to do the set too (we will perform in the spring), and we are in a proscenium. Here are some of my crazy and not so crazy ideas:

    Periaktoi - Can be useful when changing setting rapidly.

    Lots of movable set pieces on wheels (especially door sections)- Make most of the scene changes about re-arranging the furniture. The cast can maybe run through the aisles of the audience while you do this so it feels like they're going to a new room.

    Have a projection just off stage, or above stage somewhere of the Clue game board (look into copyright). Maybe make an animation of footsteps moving from room to room when your scene shifts.

    Have an army of run crew to move pieces on/off stage rapidly. No blackouts, part of the fun is the SPEED and madcap energy of the show, which can also be reflected in the way things get moved around.

    Use projections back-lit on a cyc (if you have one). Change images to change rooms.

    Christopher Hamilton
    Drama Teacher
    Kennewick WA

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    Posted 11-16-2019 08:18

    We're beginning our tech week tomorrow for Clue.  It was much more of a challenge than I thought it would be.  The trickiest part was the ending when they rewind and have to go to most of the rooms.  

    We don't have a fly system so we couldn't change scenes with new backdrops or scrims as the script describes.  

    I ended up "building" the mansion but reversed it so the front door is facing the audience.  The guests arrive from the floor to the stage.  The front door shown below is used for Wadsworth to enter then it goes away and the door is "implied" for the rest of the show.  There are only 2 wagons that need to move.  The closet and the billiard room.  Otherwise the whole mansion is on stage.  Just heading out to finish dressing the set today.  

    But here are a few pictures of the progress so far.  

    Good luck with everything.  

    Chuck Yarmey
    Advisor/Technical Director
    Wyoming Area Drama Club
    Thespian Troupe 4795
    Exeter PA

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    Posted 11-16-2019 09:25
    We are just finishing up our run of this show (the HS Ed).  I'm a one woman show here too, though at the moment I also have a student teacher with me.  My students designed our set and then they and I built/painted it.  For more photos and such, check out posts on twitter (@mvhstheatrearts) or Instagram (@mvhs_theatrearts).  Production photos will be up within the next week or so at

    Jessica Shaw
    Speech and Drama Teacher
    Alexandria VA