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    Posted 3 days ago
    I know this has been answered before, but I cannot find the post. I am looking for recommendations for video cameras for streaming my productions.

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    Jason Huffman
    BGS '03 Pittsburg State University
    MS HHPR '14 Pittsburg State University

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    Posted 3 days ago

    There is no easy answer to this. If you could offer some additional information, I think we can point you in the right direction though. What is your budget? How many cameras are you looking to get? What other type of equipment will it need to interface with? What platform will you be using to stream from? Who will be operating the cameras? How far from the stage will you be filming from?

    People have been successful in using just an iPad, while others spend $25,000 in video gear to accomplish this, so there is a lot of gray area to explore.


    David Simpson
    Performing Arts Center Manager
    East China Schools
    East China MI