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    Posted 02-10-2020 09:39
    I am hoping to mine the collective wisdom of this group for a one-day seminar I am teaching on the business of show business. We are using one of the Marvel one acts (Thor and Loki) and having students research four elements: Marketing/Promotion, Set/Lighting/Sound Design, Costume/Prop/FX design, and Producing/Costs of Production.
    After reading and discussing the play, students will work in groups to research and put together a presentation on their assigned topic. They will present and discuss their ideas with the entire group and end the day with a staged reading of the play.
    I am hoping to steer them toward reputable websites or articles about design, promotion, production costs, etc... and I would love any suggestions you have. We will begin with a discussion of Marvel's design requirements and the challenges of producing such well known characters without the benefit of film CGI and the famous actors we might associate with these characters. I hope to share stills from the comic books and films, as well as some details about a similar project (Spiderman, the Musical) to start our discussion, but then I will ask the students to come up with original ideas that simultaneously stay true to Marvel's vision while putting a new spin on them.

    Any thoughts you have would be appreciated.
    Liz Ledwell
    Falmouth Academy

    Elisabeth Ledwell
    Falmouth MA