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Festival 2021 and Adjudications

  • 1.  Festival 2021 and Adjudications

    Posted 08-05-2020 13:10
    Good afternoon EDTA community,

    I'm hoping someone from EDTA can chime in on this one. We (my school) already know that we will be unable to produce a musical in the fall of 2020, and may get a chance in the spring of 2021. I have a feeling that many of us are going to have similar situations.

    How is EDTA going to handle schools that wish to have their shows adjudicated for the 2021 conference? With the current COVID situation, would EDTA even risk to send adjudicators to schools in the fall? Would all the shows selected come from the spring? Is EDTA looking into different requirements/criteria for shows to be adjudicated?

    This just came out of a conversation a group of local schools was having about 2020-2021. Hope some light can be shed.

    Crit Fisher
    Lighting/Sound Designer
    New Albany High School

  • 2.  RE: Festival 2021 and Adjudications

    Posted 08-05-2020 17:49

    Great questions! We are in the process of considering all those questions and making decisions about how adjudications will work in the 2020-21 school year. We're aiming to release the main stage guidelines by early September, and will share news via News and Notes and the Community when they are available.

    Thank you!

    Jim Curtis
    Events Manager
    Educational Theatre Association
    Cincinnati OH

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    Posted 08-24-2020 13:08
    Do we know the dates for Summer 2021 festival?

    Stephanie Clussman
    Lakeville IN

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    Posted 08-25-2020 13:06
    How soon will EdTA make the decision of whether or not the 2021 International Thespian Festival will be held in Indiana or virtual?
    I have to give guidelines to parents. I am giving them the choice to have their money refunded from 2020 ITF, or putting the money toward the 2021 ITF.

    Valerie Gargus
    NJ Thespians Festival Director
    Retired Theatre Arts Teacher
    Thespian Troupe 4762 Director
    Northern Burlington County Reg HS
    Columbus, NJ

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    Posted 08-25-2020 16:17
    Edited by Allison Dolan 08-25-2020 16:18

    Hi Valerie,

    The uncertainty of this school year is challenging our teachers in so many ways, and we recognize that ITF is already another of those challenges. While I wish I could provide a concrete time frame for when the answers will be known, there's a lot yet to sort through. We're in ongoing discussions with Indiana University, and evaluating what's possible programming-wise given that live theatre is mostly on hiatus for many schools and troupes through the fall. This is going to take a little while to work out. We will update members as soon as we have concrete news to share. In the meantime, we welcome information, ideas, and feedback from troupe directors that would help us better understand the situations you're all in – so thank you for raising this question.

    As to timing of the event, keep saving the date for the last week of June! 

    Allison Dolan
    Chief Content Officer
    Educational Theatre Association
    Cincinnati OH