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Crew Position Descriptions

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    Posted 07-07-2019 15:13
    Hello all,

    I am hoping to put together a binder of job positions (crew, designer, assistant director, etc.) in our theatre program so students know what they are committing to before the show takes off. I can make my own, but I figured I might as well see if someone on here is willing to share what they use and will let me edit it for my program.

    Thank you,

    Caitlyn Spires
    Theatre Director
    Avon IN

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    Posted 07-07-2019 15:33
    The American Association of Community Theatre has a section on their web site about job descriptions for a number of jobs, and it's worth taking a look:

    George F. Ledo
    Set designer

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    Posted 07-09-2019 23:15
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    I have a very basic Job Descriptions list that I use when my students apply for tech crew positions. It is something I created from scratch that applies to my program specifically. You are welcome to use and/or change to make it fit your situation.

    Good luck,

    Vicki Palmer
    Theatre Technical Director
    Hickman High School - Home of the Kewpies
    Columbia MO


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    Posted 07-10-2019 08:53
    Here is a link to the job descriptions from the Drury Drama Team.  Dr. Radin has since retired, but good information here, nonetheless.

    Michael Johnson
    Trinity NC