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Theatre Teaching Credentials

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    Posted 23 days ago
    Hello! My name is Cassidy and I am looking to get my California single subject secondary teaching credential in theatre/drama. Because TADA! was recently passed, it is clear that there IS a theatre credential I need in order to teach theatre/drama at a high school or middle school level. However, I am having great difficulty finding a credential program that will help me achieve this. I also do not see a test available in CBEST or CSET form for drama/theatre. Is the test simply not created yet? If so, what should I do to get a teaching credential in order to teach drama? I am in desperate need of advice. Where did you get your credential from?
    Please let me know as soon as possible! I am itching to get started with the process!
    Thank you!

    Cassidy Cagney
    Folsom CA

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    Posted 22 days ago
    Edited by Ginger Latimer 22 days ago
    IS your undergrad degree Theatre?.... You're very close to a good program at Sac State. I suggest you contact them and they should be able to advise you of the steps needed to get into credential program. I don't believe there are CSET tests in this content area. I finished degree Theatre, then stayed and added credential the following year...
    Good luck.

    Ginger Latimer
    Performing Arts Chair/ Theatre Director
    Madera CA

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    Posted 22 days ago

    My name is Michael Despars and I am the President of the California Educational Theatre Association  (CETA). We are one of four professional organizations that lobbied for the Theatre Credential in the State of California.

    At this moment you cannot obtain this credential until 2022. That means that university cohorts can begin in 2021, with conferred credentials in 2022. There are many Universities that are working on programs including Cal State East Bay led by Eric Engdahl who has been heavily involved in working with the CTC to administer the credential.

    This moment is an odd one. If you are looking to obtain a credential asap your options are to take the CSET in English to obtain an English Credential. These credentials will allow you to teach theatre until the end of 2021. If you are teaching theatre at the time, you can continue to teach theatre without the theatre credential as long as you have an English credential before 2022.

    CSET information for theatre will be out in 2021. More info here:

    The most up to date information can be found here:

    Please email me if you have any additional questions

    Michael Despars
    Theatre Educator
    Long Beach CA

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    Posted 22 days ago
    Hi Cassidy -

    Yes, you are correct- TADA (The Theatre and Dance Act) did pass a few years ago, but to my knowledge (please, somebody prove me wrong!) there is still not a Single Subject Theatre teaching Credential offered anywhere in California. There are colleges that are planning on offering one in the future, but the best advice I can offer you right now is to get a BA in Theatre, minor in English, and get an English credential. That is the credential that most of the Theatre Teachers in California have right now.

    The best of luck to you!

    Billy Houck
    Theatre Teacher, Retired
    Northern Rep to the California Thespian State Board
    Carmichael, CA