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QR Codes Recommendation

  • 1.  QR Codes Recommendation

    Posted 05-08-2019 17:13
    I have used QR codes successfully to help sell tickets and get kids signed up for crews and auditions. I want to keep using them.

    However, I have not yet found the best (and most affordable) QR code service.

    Can someone recommend a service that will provide multiple codes at an affordable price? I think I need at least 4 codes to be in use at the same time but would like to not pay an arm and a leg for it.

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    Posted 05-09-2019 06:54
    Edited by Nicholas Osenberg 05-09-2019 06:57
    I create at least 15 codes in a given school year for similar things. I use this website, QR Stuff. They have yet to charge me. I can make the QR code either a static or a dynamic QR code and color it if I want.

    Additionally, if you are a school system with Office365, in the Share function of apps, likes Forms, Microsoft will generate QR Codes for you. I'm sure there is a Google extension too; you may just have to search in the extension store.

    Hope this helps.

    Nicholas Osenberg
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    Posted 05-10-2019 10:24
    I have used the Google Doc add-on “QR Code Generator” all year, and it’s been a lifesaver. Kids have to sign out and back in to my room when they go to the bathroom. The QR code makes it much easier. I use it for attendance for all of my productions, and then the Google Sheet that it produces just gets sorted by student, then by time in. I can know, down to the second, when they arrived and how much time they spent at rehearsal. It comes in very handy for keeping track of hours (my kids have to have a minimum of 60 hours to get their 5 credits), community service time, extra credit, etc. And when a senior comes to me wanting her community service hours from her freshmen year, I have all the records at my fingertips.

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