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Approved cuts to INTO THE WOODS

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    Posted 27 days ago
    I'm considering INTO THE WOODS next fall, but with some reservations. I've put off the show for a long time because while I've seen multiple beautifully performed professional productions of it over the years, I always feel like the second act really REALLY drags. I saw amazing productions at the Ford Theater in Washington DC, the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, and, of course, the televised Bernadette Peters original. And in every case, as wonderful as i think the rest of the show was, it looses my interest around the middle of the second act and I start to think "how much longer is this going on?"  If professional Equity actors and Broadway stars can't keep the momentum going in the second act, what hope do my high school kids have? 

    Has anyone ever had any luck getting approved cuts made to the second act? Even cutting a song or two? I don't want to just do the Junior version, but I'd love to thin out the second act a bit. Maybe shave ten minutes off it? Were the publishers receptive? And if so, what were the cuts you made? 

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    Posted 24 days ago
    Hello, John.
    I just had to cancel my spring production of Into the Woods. It happens to be my favorite musical so we have different sensibilities about Act II. However, you might reconsider doing Into the Woods, Jr.  if you feel that strongly. My experience with MTI on this show is absolutely no cuts or changes to the script.  The contract is explicit. Good luck.

    Amy Luskey Barth
    Talon Theatre Artistic Director
    Director, Thespian Troupe 5524
    Santa Margarita Catholic High School