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Creative Ways to Stage Traveling/Walking

  • 1.  Creative Ways to Stage Traveling/Walking

    Posted 02-10-2020 00:33
    HI All. I am working on a script and want to include a couple of characters going on a long walk. They walk for hours, so I will use lighting to indicate a sunset to show the passage of time. But I am trying to think through the creative ways different high school directors have indicated walking a long way. I'd love some inspiration if you would share solutions that have worked well for you.

    Steven Slaughter
    Rosslyn Academy
    Nairobi, Kenya

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    Posted 02-10-2020 07:32
    Hi Steven,
    There was lots of walking in Sense and Sensibility (though not all day!). I did things like having the ensemble move a rolling archway away from the walking characters so it took them longer to get to it. You could also have several ensemble members be trees or other landmarks and have the last person peel off and move to the front of the ensemble grouping as the walkers pass him/her. Does that make sense? Then it looks like they're passing a long line of trees, for example.

    Cassy Maxton-Whitacre
    Theatre Department Coordinator
    Fishersville VA

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    Posted 02-14-2020 17:35
    What about walking down the aisle and put one door off the theatre and then in another door and up the aisle and back onstage.

    Leon Kaye
    Playwright for the Ages

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    Posted 02-24-2020 08:46
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    When we did Oz many years ago, we used as many entrances & exits as possible & walked in many diagonals and used the front of the stage with the curtain closed & middle curtain closed many times.

    We entered & exited to & from the back of the audience, up & down the middle & sides, all around crossing front, in & out of side doors, up & down stairs on both sides, on & off from DS, US, CS, entered US on diagonal then exited DS or into audience. Would encounter people, trees, bushes, boulders, anytime we could think of. Even had a piece of yellow brick road under the 3rd row so the characters walked in that row, great bit watching characters squeeze in between seats. For other shows we’ve used road signs, and a wheelbarrow covered on both sides to look like a car, had someone in it with legs hanging out in front, someone walking behind it so they looked like they were in it, 2 people pushing it. Dialogue while walking in the audience with a follow spotlight & the actors encountering things & people on the stage that they first see from the audience works great for the illusion.

    Maria Stadtmueller
    St. Augustine School
    Kendall Park, NJ

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