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Drama Games to play with 2-4 people

  • 1.  Drama Games to play with 2-4 people

    Posted 03-27-2020 09:37
    Hello hive mind,

    There are so many great online resources showing up now!  As I work to provide activities for my students (which offer enrichment, practice skills already taught, are ungraded, and do not advance the curriculum), I realize that I am short on a specific category of activities.

    So, what drama games can you think of that can be played with just 2-4 people?  I'm working on games that can be played at home with family members, rather than online.  The goal is a bit of drama, with a heavy dose of family bonding and fun.  I am specifically looking for middle school (and elementary) appropriate games.

    So far I've suggested:
    Reverse Charades (whole group acts, one person guesses)
    Staring Contests (don't smile!)
    "Honey, I Love You"

    We have a minimum of five more weeks at home.  And, of course, all my textbooks and game books are in my office at school.

    Hang in there, everyone.
    Well wishes,

    Kristin Hall
    Pronouns: she/her/hers
    Drama Director
    Lincoln Public Schools
    Lincoln MA

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    Posted 03-28-2020 06:38
    There are tons on the site Improv Encyclopedia. Look there for what specific skill you want to address.

    Elisabeth Ledwell
    Falmouth MA

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    Posted 03-28-2020 13:41
    2 person
    ABC Dialogue and Questions Only jump to mind.

    2 phrase
    One word at a time expert
    Story Story Die

    Jeannie Brzovic
    Lake Forest Park WA