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Pajama Game

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    Posted 06-25-2019 23:08
    Hello all-
    Has anyone performed Pajama Game? And if so...any advice?

    Karin Neal
    Theatre Director
    Trinity Catholic Jr. Sr. High School
    Hutchinson KS

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    Posted 06-26-2019 08:46
    Hi Karin,

    I directed Pajama Game about 10 years ago. I love that show! I work at an all girls private high school.I was worried about some of the sexier moments with my two leads, but they they were amazing. I can't think of anything off hand that might be challenging except maybe the sewing machine set up and one of them sparking/breaking down. It's some really good music, and a very stable script.

    Good luck!

    Jennifer Jordan
    Director of Theater and Dance
    Miss Hall's School
    Pittsfield MA

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    Posted 06-26-2019 08:48
    I meant "actable" not stable ;)

    Jennifer Jordan
    Director of Theater and Dance
    Miss Hall's School
    Pittsfield MA

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    Posted 06-26-2019 09:56
    I directed The Pajama Game many years ago and it was overall a great show with fantastic music and dance opportunities. 

    However, I saw a professional production here in DC recently and I was stunned by how tone-deaf the dialogue seems in the wake of Me-Too. Things that we cheeky or fun 20 years ago don't play that way now. (The boss repeatedly hits on the union rep and they get together--all kinds of workplace sexual harassment violations are clearly evident). Honestly, I don't know how I missed this even 18 years ago, but it is clear as day now.

    That's just my 2 cents, though (or 7 1/2 cents in The Pajama Game parlay). 

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    Posted 06-26-2019 10:41
    Yes! It’s structured and very much the same way as Damn Yankees since it was basically the same creative team. Fun show, but definitely old-fashioned. The most recent Broadway revival with Harry Connick Jr did breathe some new life into it. Doesn’t seem to be an overdone piece. Nothing controversial and some really fun numbers.

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    Posted 06-27-2019 13:12

    I designed the lights for Pajama Game. We used flash paper for the sewing machine break down. Flash paper almost immediately extinguishes itself, but we had someone assigned to a fire extinguisher backstage for that scene each time during tech and performances.

    Fun fact:  Parents – with construction backgrounds – built the set that year. That factory was essentially a 'house' on stage, there was no budging it. So, we just left it there all year. We used it for the house in Sound of Music in the spring, and at the end of the year an outside vaudeville group rented the theatre and used is as a brothel!   The next year, and each year thereafter, we required all parent volunteers to attend a set building class!

    Beth Rand, EBMS
    Educational Lighting Designer
    School Theatre Operations Coach

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    Westminster, CO