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Crazy For You Costumes

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    Posted 11-19-2019 20:17
    Hey all - I need some advice . . . we are doing Crazy For You as our spring show - and I have a pretty good handle on most of the costuming - but I'm stumped on the end of act one "I've Got Rhythm" . . . .  I know the intent is that the people of Deadrocks and the NY show girls are getting ready to perform a show that no one attends and that many of them are "getting dressed" for that performance.  The Broadway costumes are "French Revolution" inspired.  It seems to me a frivolous expense to buy or make said costumes . . . so my question is, would "sailor style" guy and gal costumes work and not take away from the show?  I have a beautiful set of guy/gal sailor dance costumes from Anything Goes several years back.

    If that won't work - I'm open to ideas/suggestions!


    Toni Thomas
    English Teacher, Theatre Director
    West Branch MI

  • 2.  RE: Crazy For You Costumes

    Posted 11-19-2019 20:54
    I did the show about 15 years ago and we had the girls in the sailor costumes and the deadrock guys were in a mix of their regular clothes and show costumes.
    Great show! Good luck with that!

    James Fry
    Director of Student Life and the Malvern Theatre Society
    Malvern, PA