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Looking for a one act

  • 1.  Looking for a one act

    Posted 09-05-2021 11:49
    I just found out that my fall show will have to be live streamed.  This could change but obviously I have to plan as if it will not be live. I had decided on Liza's Riddling Cave but it does not have livestream rights. Dramatic publishing says it could take up to 8 weeks to get an answer.  I am looking at Huebner The Reluctant ....has anyone done it?  Thoughts?  I am looking for an ensemble piece that tells a story and has most of the cast on stage most of the time. I am looking for a drama with comic elements. We just did Just So Stories and it was very successful.  I have no idea how many students I will have... rebuilding is the name of the game.  Last year we recorded our fall production and put it on our local I did not deal with live streaming.  I am also thinking about devising a play so we could record and put on the tv station again.   Thoughts? Ideas?  Veteran teacher who is feeling desperate because everything I had planned to do just got upended!!!

    Cathy Archer
    EdTA Member or Troupe Director
    Rutland High School

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    Posted 09-05-2021 22:57
    Hi Cathy

    I am a relatively new Theater teacher and definitely new to this forum. Last spring my class did the play Juliet and This Guy Romeo by Don Zolidis.  I signed up for his informational newsletter and he has been making the offer for 3 plays and just added a 3rd one to his list that if we wanted to do these plays, he is offering free review copy of the plays, we just have to respond to his email requesting which one. The big offer he made through the newsletter is a set price that includes the cost of a performance, as many digital copies we need, and streaming rights to whatever platform we need to use.   I can forward you the email if that would be helpful.

    Lauri Quick

  • 3.  RE: Looking for a one act

    Posted 09-06-2021 13:20
    Welcome to teaching theatre! So glad you found our Community. We all know & love Don here. He is a huge part of this Forum Community. He is a stand up guy who is admired by fellow authors & theatre teachers galore. Since you are in direct contact with him, I’m certain he’ll help you through the process with ease.

    Maria Stadtmueller
    St. Augustine School
    Kendall Park, NJ

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