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    Posted 06-12-2020 10:06
    Edited by Mark Zortman 06-12-2020 10:07

    On Wednesday night, the Musical Theatre Educator's Alliance held a webinar on 'Musical Theatre Education in COVID Times'. ('MTEA is an alliance of educators, coaches, and consultants committed to raising the standards on musical theatre training'. Members appear to be mostly college musical theater professors). The first hour basically dealt with COVID disease (probably more like 10' separation for singers and actors than 6'), the 2nd hour was a discussion with licensing companies, and the 3rd hour dealt with current technologies, shows, apps, etc. for doing theater in our current situation. It was a very good webinar, I highly recommend checking it out if you can - Musical Theatre Education in COVID Times

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    Musical Theatre Education in COVID Times
    June 10th webinar on aspects of health, tech, and performance options relative to our field. Check out
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    Mark Zortman
    PA Chapter Director
    York PA

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    Posted 06-12-2020 23:44
    Mark thanks for sharing! This was great!!!!!

    J. Harvey Stone
    Jamestown High School Theatre
    Williamsburg, VA