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All Female 1776 cast

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    Posted 04-13-2021 16:44
    I am looking at musicals for next year for the high school theatre program I advise. I have LOVED "1776" for years and it has always been a dream of mine to do it, but the male cast requirements have simply made it not realistic. So I am really toying with a gender neutral casting in the style of what a number of other groups have done.

    My question - the script is licensed through MTI, but says nothing about a female version. So I'm wondering if musically it would be difficult to sing parts written for men by a bunch of girls. Is that a major obstacle? Anyone have any experience with this title in a gender neutral production? What obstacles were there?

    Thanks :)

    Steve Couch

    Steven Couch
    Madison High School

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    Posted 04-13-2021 22:43
    Hi Steven,

    I say think of Hamilton, those parts could easily be any vocal range, and any gender. I say go for it! I think its. a great idea.



    Laura Rizzo
    Theatre Teacher/Director
    Miami Country Day School
    Miami FL

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    Posted 04-14-2021 08:48
    Is Hamilton AVAILABLE? That would be good news! Thanks!!!!

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    Posted 04-14-2021 03:13
    I had students who were cast in an all female version of 1776  last year at Shenandoah University in their BFA MT program. I am sure if you reached out to them they could let you know how they handled licensing and logistics.

    Michelle Evans
    Professional Acting & College Audition Coach
    Owner:MJE Acting Studio
    Co-Owner: College Audition Project

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    Posted 04-14-2021 07:28
    Hi Steve,

    A friend of mine here in SE Pennsylvania staged an all female cast of "1776" about 3 years ago. It was at the community theater level, but it was so well done and really fun to see it performed in this way. I think it would work well in your situation, it's my favorite show and one I've wanted to do, too! You raise a fair point about vocals and females being able to sing parts that were written for male voices. For this, you may want to consult with a choral teacher who can advise further. When John did the production here, I don't think he changed the music much, and it sounded lovely vocally.

    Nicole Weaver
    Faculty, Club Advisor
    Twin Valley High School

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    Posted 04-14-2021 10:03
    An all female 1776 is supposedly Broadway bound, FYI:

    Jennifer Vernon, NBCT - AYA English Language Arts,
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    Piggott, Arkansas

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    Posted 04-15-2021 09:44
    Our gender netural production of 1776 was COVID canceled last March on opening night. We had men as Adams, Jefferson, Dickinson, RH Lee, and a couple of the minor characters, but women in all other roles. The kids loved it!  There was a need to rearrange some of the vocals, but it was pretty easy to balance, and since it is not a choral-heavy show, it was not a big burden.

    Some footage, if you are interested: Pascack Valley HS-1776

    Best of luck, if you take it on.

    Tom Lupfer
    Pascack Valley HS
    Hillsdale, NJ