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  • 1.  Covid Protocols

    Posted 09-23-2021 13:26
    Hello all,

    We are in the beginnings of discussing a spring show for our school. This would be the first since March of 2020.
    We are heavily debating between a spring musical (which we normally do) vs. a play. Any pros/cons in the time of COVID;I would love to hear it!
    My two biggest concerns are COST (musicals are expensive)  and Quarantines (particularly for a musical) We are a fairly small school, so having understudies for each main role may not be realistic for us..... We have discussed smaller cast musicals, but I normally like to pick something that we can pull in people.  Our spring show is normally a HUGE recruitment tool for our program. Ours numbers are HURTING right now since we've been so restricted since 2020!

    Also, for those of you who have done a major in person production, I am looking for a comprehensive list of COVID protocols that you used that you found successful. I want to LAY IT ALL OUT for them so they understand what will be necessary to have an in person performance.

    Thanks for your help! :)

    Erika Trahan
    Kaplan High School

  • 2.  RE: Covid Protocols

    Posted 09-24-2021 08:11
    We did a musical, last Spring, with heavy protocols.
    #1- I analyzed what characters interacted with each other, and those characters formed "co-horts".  The co-horts rehearsed together and were the only ones allowed within 6 ft of each other on stage.  
    #2- Students were masked, at all times, during rehearsal.  I also had hand sanitizer flowing like water.
    #3- We did switch to "performer" shields for the performance, which I ordered from JW Pepper. I used lapel mic which clipped right onto the shield.
    #4- Tickets were limited, and the audience sat in family groupings. Audience was required to wear masks. 

    I am happy to report that no one got sick, and 

    Myndee Fleury Washington

    Civics & Drama Teacher

    Union Park Charter Academy


    "Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you EVERYWHERE"- Albert Einstein

  • 3.  RE: Covid Protocols

    Posted 09-24-2021 10:14
    Hi Erika,

    We were very fortunate to do a full theatre season last year.  I teach and direct at a private school in Atlanta and we were in person all year with mask mandates and mitigation protocols.  Every show in our season was performed outdoors and every cast and crew was masked.  We did one-acts with our upper school students in the fall and in the spring we did a fifth grade production of Midsummer and two musicals (Godspell and The Fantasticks).  I'm happy to share all the details with you if you're interested.  We had a lot of protocols for cast, crew, production team, and audience so if you'd like the info, just let me know.

    I hope it works out for you and your students!  It's a lot of work and it's physically and emotionally exhausting for everyone but it was such an important learning experience and an incredible experience for everyone involved.

    Maria K-W

    Maria Karres-Williams
    Upper School/Middle School Theatre
    Holy Innocents' Episcopal School
    Atlanta, GA

  • 4.  RE: Covid Protocols

    Posted 09-27-2021 11:45
    I would love a copy of your protocols!

    Carmen Caldera-Brzoska
    Elizabethtown High School

  • 5.  RE: Covid Protocols

    Posted 09-30-2021 13:16
    Maria, I would appreciate learning about your protocols for the cast, crew, production team and audience. We are producing a fall play at the end of October and still trying to figure things out.
    Thank you!
    Amy Allen Cano

    Amy Allen Cano
    Director of Productions
    Whitfield School
    St. Louis, MO

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    Posted 09-24-2021 10:55

    Most of the ticketing vendors exhibiting at the EdTA conference opening today have information about COVID-related features on their websites.
    For a 6 minute  video overview of COVID-related tools and issues applicable to most ticketing systems, click on this link.

    David Lichtenstein
    Seat Yourself
    159 Soundview Ave
    White Plains NY 10606

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  • 7.  RE: Covid Protocols

    Posted 09-29-2021 11:08
    Hi Erika!

    We did a full season last year.  In the fall, we produced two radio plays.  We rehearsed them 6' apart at music stands with masks on.  For the performance, each student was allowed to take off their mask and put it on the music stand after their first line.  We allowed each student to invite two guests, who sat socially distanced and fully masked for the performance.  We streamed the performances for others to see.  For the spring musical we did Into The Woods.  This show has a cast of 18 and no chorus.  Crew for all our shows were very limited.  Again, we rehearsed in masks, keeping the blocking very spread out.  They were allowed to take their masks off before going on stage for the performances.  Our Senior directed one-acts used the same protocol.  For the last two shows we opened tickets sales to 33% of capacity.

    I had a long discussion with my administration about our process.  We are a private girls school, with a highly competitive athletic program.  It was very hard for me to justify a mask mandate in performance, when they were allowing every sport (whether inside or out) to practice and play without masks.  We practiced in masks and chose shows which allowed blocking to be socially distanced.  Here are the protocols we are continuing to follow for our season this year.  We have not had one case of Covid as a result of our rehearsals and productions.

    Actor/Crew Protocols:
    1) Masks are worn at all times during rehearsal.
    2) There are hand sanitizing stations everywhere, use them often.
    3) No sharing of food or drink.
    4) Do NOT swap spit in any way conceivable.
    5) We get to performances, wear your mask backstage.  You may take it off and place it on the backstage table to be picked up when you exit the stage.  If you exit on the opposite side, have another mask waiting for yourself.
    6) No you may NOT share masks.
    7) Mics were cleaned and sanitized, then assigned to each individual student.  The students were taught how to change batteries and handle their own mics.  Each had a baggie with mic, batteries, and mic belt assigned to them.

    Audience/House Protocols:
    1) All tickets are general seating and must be purchased in advance through our booktix site.
    2) Everyone must check in at the will-call table.
    3) Masks must be worn at all times.
    4) Seating is allowed in every other row.
    5) Each "family" group should be socially distanced from others.
    6) No concessions will be sold.
    7) Complimentary bottles of water are available at a table in the lobby.

    Hope this helps!

    Terri Ferguson
    Performing Arts Chair
    Ursuline Academy

  • 8.  RE: Covid Protocols

    Posted 09-30-2021 06:11

    We did a complete season last year, and actually more than usual. We produced a radio play version of A Christmas Carol for a combined in-person and streamed audience, a virtual series of Readers' Theatre plays, several workshops run both online and in-person, workshopped an original musical which was then performed for online and in-person audiences and a junior version of High School Musical again for in-person and streamed audiences. We basically followed (and continue this year) the guidance of the International Coalition COVID-19 Study. Simply put, mask, distance, time, air flow and hygiene. Many of our athletic teams had to deal with quarantine and cancellations, we did not. If you are not familiar with the study I would encourage checking it out. Not only is it very informative it gave us data and the science behind our protocol decisions ( and I found the whole process amazing)! Best wishes on a great season!


    Peace and blessings,


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