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The Wizard of Oz - costumes

  • 1.  The Wizard of Oz - costumes

    Posted 09-09-2014 16:18
    I'm looking to rent costumes for The Wizard of Oz - any advice?  Suggestions?  Thanks!!

    Carolyn Greer
    Owensboro KY

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    Posted 09-10-2014 11:40
    Jay County Civic Theatre, Portland, IN

    Carol Knarr Gebert
    Portland IN

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    Posted 09-12-2014 10:10
    We produced THE WIZARD OF OZ last year and we went with a "steampunk" idea for OZ and we rented all of those costumes from Norcostco!  They were seriously the most amazing costumes ever!  We rented the munchkins from a local rental company (actually using their pastel costumes they usually use for Hello Dolly --) and I created the main charcters myelf.  But Norcostco!  Awesome!

    Jane Archuleta
    Brighton CO

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    Posted 01-17-2015 08:38

    Are you still looking?

    Jenny Brotherton
    Drama Coach-Teacher
    Scranton PA

  • 5.  RE: The Wizard of Oz - costumes

    Posted 01-21-2016 20:49

    Our middle school is doing The Wizard of Oz at the end of February.  Would anyone have costumes for the lion, and the Tin-man that they would be willing to share with us?  If so, please let me know what you would charge.  We are located in Yardley, PA...just across the border from Trenton, NJ.  Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Vickie Fuller
    Yardley PA

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    Posted 01-22-2016 05:34

    I am in south jersey. I have the whole oz plot.  I can rent you really cheep.   Email me.  Or at least give u ideas.   

    Christine Dougherty
    Theatre Teacher/Director
    Delsea Regional School District
    Franklinville NJ

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    Posted 01-23-2016 09:26

    I have costumes that fit adults but you could make them work for middle school. Contact me for details if you are still interested. Mstthom@yahoo. Com. 

    Trudianne Thom

  • 8.  RE: The Wizard of Oz - costumes

    Posted 01-23-2016 09:23

    Do you still need these costumes? Does anyone need these costumes? I have done "Wizard" four times and will not do it again. I need to get rid of costumes! $100 plus shipping and they are yours!

    Trudianne Thom

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    Posted 01-24-2016 07:23
    Hi Trudianne,

    I don't know if you were replying to a previous request but I am also looking for costumes - but for "The WIz" for Middle School.  If you still have costumes to give away will you please let me know?  I will also message you directly.


    Carrie Edel Isaacman
    (c) 917-474-5936

  • 10.  RE: The Wizard of Oz - costumes

    Posted 02-14-2020 08:37
    Hi Trudianne,
    I know this message was from a few years back. Do you still have these Wizard of Oz Costumes? Just came up on my search on EdTa. I am looking to rent or purchase costumes for my upcoming middle school production of this show. I'm in Albany, CA.
    Feel free to email me or call directly.
    Amy Penney

    Amy Penney
    Albany Middle School
    Richmond CA