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Topic: Awards Ceremony Ideas

1.  Awards Ceremony Ideas

Posted 05-01-2014 15:32
Ok, so the subject is kind of misleading....I don't need help with ceremony ideas. Ours works great for us and the kids really love what I do each year. What they want is an idea for what to name our awards. A lot of theaters have a name for the trophies they give out, and we would like to do the same. Unfortunately I am coming up with a total blank. We want it to be something that evokes who we are, and what we as a theatre troupe believe. Here is something about us: Our name is the Red Devil Players (RDP for short)...mainly because our high school mascot is a red devil. Not very imaginative, but it works for us. Our motto: Carpe Diem...Seize the Day To us, there is NO "drama" in Theatre (or at least we try this policy, but they are high schoolers!). We are very much a family. We are all connected by our love for theatre and the fact that in my theatre there is no room for "labels". We are all just people, each bringing a different & unique gift or skill. That is pretty much my theatre troupe in a nut shell.... Any ideas on what we can call our awards? Thanks in advance, Elizabeth

Elizabeth Boltz
Red Devil Players Theatre Company Advisor
Yakima WA

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2.  RE:Awards Ceremony Ideas

Posted 05-01-2014 16:26
How about this? It is an anagram for Carpe Diem:

Dream Epic

Shira Schwartz
Chandler Unified School District
Chandler AZ

3.  RE:Awards Ceremony Ideas

Posted 05-02-2014 06:29
I don't know how helpful I am going to be, but I had to jump in and comment.  Owensboro High School's mascot is also the Red Devil, though our theatre program goes by the Rose Curtain Players (thanks to the color of the curtains when the club began in 1923.)  These days, very few schools keep that mascot...I was just a bit surprised.  Do you all use a pitch fork in your school logo?  A bit of a controversy these days in Owensboro, let me tell you!

Actually our annual awards program is called The Rose Curtain Awards and the kids have nicknamed it The Rosies.  A play off of Carpe Diem seems like a great idea for your awards program!  Fun and fitting.

See, told you I might not be very helpful.  Wishing you all the best!
Carolyn Greer
Kentucky Thespian Society
Owensboro HS

4.  RE:Awards Ceremony Ideas

Posted 05-03-2014 12:26
Hi Elizabeth,
Our school awards are called the "Mittons" our vrsion of the Tony's.  They are named after the two founding theatre teachers, last names "Miles" and "Fritton." The Award itself is a golden mitton shaped statue.  The Mittons are for extracurricular performances.  We also have the "Dixie Cup awards" which are dixie cups painted gold and mounted on a plaque named after another acting teacher, Mr. Dickson. That award is for a student in each section of the theatre classes program.  We have one final award "The Ripple Effect" given to the student who contributes in a more inconspicuous way that somehow reaches the entire group ( often a techie who is always going above and beyond or a student performer who always has a positive attutude. humble, helpful to others...) that one is a pun on my last name.  I hope it doesn't seem egotistical!  Honestly the kids love it.  In fact Miles, Fritton and Dickson have moved on but the award is nice way to acknoldge thier years of service and the kids absolutly love that they are unique (my husband and I make them with alot of gold spraypaint, glitter and a trip to the craft store for dowels, styrofoam and plaque bases!).  When I was in college the student theatre organization always sold apple juice at shows and at the end of the year the empty bottles were spray  painted gold and decorated and they were the awards.  The awards were called the "Cheekies" named after the brand of apple juice.  Not sure if that helps or not...

Laura Rippel
Theatre Program Director
Bolles School
Jacksonville FL

5.  RE:Awards Ceremony Ideas

Posted 05-06-2014 15:23
Thank you everyone for your great ideas! My officers came up with a unique idea and we are going for it!

Elizabeth Boltz
Red Devil Players Theatre Company Advisor
Yakima WA

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6.  RE:Awards Ceremony Ideas

Posted 05-03-2014 21:40
We call our awards the Timmy's - a take off of the Tonys. The students nominate actors and techies in different categories and the awards are a surprise at our Senior Showcase. We give out best actor, actress, and supporting, but we also give awards for best costuming, sound, best bit role (male and female), and best Thespian (has to be an active Thespian in good standing). ------------------------------------------- Nancy Moran Drama Instructor Los Altos CA -------------------------------------------

7.  RE:Awards Ceremony Ideas

Posted 05-02-2014 11:07
I would call your awards . . .

The Pitchforks.

Jeff Westbrook
Downers Grove IL

8.  RE:Awards Ceremony Ideas

Posted 05-02-2014 12:47
My drama club gives out two Best Player awards every year. All students vote for one boy and one girl to win the award. We present the awards at our end of the year drama club banquette, where we give out bars and stars, announce new drama club officers, and induct new thespians. 

We also have a thing called Paper Plate Awards. Every student who attends the banquette wins one. The current drama club officers think of some fun and wacky awards that fits everyone individually. They write those awards on paper plates and present them to the students. For example, last year I won the 'Oh My!' Award. This award was given to me because of a character I played in a one- act play that year. My character's catchphrase was, "Oh my," Hence the 'Oh my!' Award.

I hope this helps and gives you some ideas!
Emilee Cruchelow
Indianola IA

9.  RE:Awards Ceremony Ideas

Posted 05-08-2014 10:18
I have what are called "Paper Plate Awards." I got the idea from my APO days. I usually have the students come up with them. The wackier, the better. The most popular is the "Screamer" award. This award is for the person who always winds up yelling at everyone for whatever reason. We have the "Murphey" award for the member who breaks either a prop or a set piece during a production. The "White Knight" award is for any person who comes in last minute and helps with finishing set painting, costumes, or props.  

Jennifer Purvis
Teacher/Drama Director
Peach County High School
Kathleen GA

10.  RE:Awards Ceremony Ideas

Posted 05-09-2014 13:36
We had the Paper Bag Awards that had an image of a Tony or Oscar on the outside of the bag and a gag gift inside.  We too had the kids create the categories but some were standard.  Ex.:  Best Delivery of a Line (would always go to someone who had either no lines unless there was some gag that everyone liked) and the prize was a child's fishing pole or a clothes line.
We also had Most Likely to Live Back Stage --usually honored a techie and the gift was a small travel toilet kit.
The kids always enjoyed them and we would do this before our final induction ceremony but one of the last meetings of the year post season.

Gretchen Barbor
Senior High Dramatics Coordinator - retired
Indiana Area School District
Indiana PA

11.  RE:Awards Ceremony Ideas

Posted 05-10-2014 11:06

When I got my job at the all-boys Catholic HS I teach, which is very sports-driven, I created the MVP awards, which is annually given to an actor, actress, technician and dancer.  Our Drama Club President created an award last year that will be given each year who the president gets to choose.  To those who do not get a trophy I created the Bravo Awards which is a medal with a universal inscription on the back.  For Bravo awards I specify things like "Funniest Entrance Award" or "Most Growth for a Freshman" and such.

Funny to see this today.  I had my banquet just last night!

Valerie O'Riordan
San Francisco CA

12.  RE:Awards Ceremony Ideas

Posted 05-11-2014 11:36
Our school mascot is the Bruin, so we started calling our awards "the Cubbies" several years ago. Everyone who has participated in a production or is a member of our drama club (called Acting Out) may vote on about a dozen awards in categories like booth techie, best stage crew member, best actor/actress in a musical/play, best new performer grades 9-10, standout performer in a chorus role, etc. Anyone who has been in a production in those roles that qualify is a nominee in that category. Then the Acting Out Club members have several special awards they give that are usually silly and customized to the shows we did that year (last year we had a number of roles that required boys to play females and females to play males, so they awarded a "cross-dresser of the year" for example). We also always give a "Backstage Hero" award which can be anyone from tech or the casts who is supportive and inspirational.

Amy Linden
Auburn CA