Leadership Toolbox

Leadership Toolbox

Chapter operations and financials resources Link to chapter agreement and guide library, https://www.schooltheatre.org/viewdocument/chapter-agreement Link to chapter director data center, https://clas.schooltheatre.org/cgi-bin/utilities.dll/openpage?wrp=mainLogin_check.htm Link to chapter financials library, https://www.schooltheatre.org/viewdocument/chapter-financial-fo Link to Honor Chapter application, https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSc8H1KHn6sOga7sWVk3gzRoK-CDcvBAPdSY1bdQ2jasCKE_lQ/viewform?usp=sf_link Contact chapterrelations@schooltheatre.org for chapter operations assistance, link to mailto:chapterrelations@schooltheatre.org Contact accounting@schooltheatre.org for chapter financials assistance, link to mailto:accounting@schooltheatre.org Link to chapter board and Student Thespian Officer list, https://www.schooltheatre.org/viewdocument/chapter-board-and-sto-list Link to chapter governance and policies library, https://www.schooltheatre.org/viewdocument/chapter-governance-a Link to EdTA and ITS master branding and graphics library
Graphic: Chapter events. Pre-event resources. Link to insurance and risk management library, https://www.schooltheatre.org/viewdocument/insurance-and-risk-m Contact riskmanagement@schooltheatre.org for risk management assistance, link to mailto:riskmanagement@schooltheatre.org
Graphic: Chapter events. Post-event resources.
Header graphic: Chapter checklist

Due June 15

EdTA Annual Leadership Summit registration

Due July 1

Signed chapter agreement

Honor Chapter application

Due August 1

Application for insurance-related financial assistance

Application for event cancellation coverage

All pre-event forms:

Due September 1

Chapter financial submission workbook

Chapter insurance invoices due
Invoices may now be paid online. Follow the instructions linked to "Pay my invoices."

Certificate of Insurance (COI) request form
A COI form is required for each chapter event.

Chapter board and Student Thespian Officer list

Due October 15

Main stage adjudication request form

Due within two weeks of the end of your event

All post-event forms:

Chapter Individual Events qualifier form

ITF Chapter Select form

Chapter Matching Scholarship recipients form

Developing a new idea?

Intellectual property submission form