ITO Informational Video

By Katie Ferchen posted 02-22-2014 07:59

Interested in running for a position as an ITO? Or interested in what all the ITO do? Read the following. 

The International Thespian Officers are the student leaders of the International Thespian Society. The six positions include:
·         ITO Chair
·         ITO Communications Editor
·         Four ITO Regional Representatives
For information about the roles and responsibilities, visit this link:

ITO 2014-2015 Goals:
1.       Get students more involved in theatre advocacy.
2.       Create more awareness about Junior Thespians.
3.       Make social media more popular while keeping it as clean as possible, connecting Thespians with Thespians and keep them informed.  Introducing the Theatre Education Community to students around the world.
The ITO are responsible for:
1.        Serving as official student representatives of the Thespian Society, conducting leadership and advocacy workshops at Thespian State Chapter Conferences.  This year, the ITO will have attended 39 state conferences.
2.       Using various tools to communicate with member and nonmember students, using Community, Facebook, Instagram and other social media tools.
3.       Training State Thespian Officers and other students through a week-long leadership workshop at the Thespian Festival.
4.       Supporting such charities as Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS (BC/EFA), Send a Troupe, and other charities at Thespian State Chapter Conferences and the Festival. In addition, working at the BC/EFA Flea Market in New York.
In order to be considered as an ITO candidate, a student must:
1.       Be an inducted member of the Thespian Society by April 1, 2014.
2.       Be a past or current officer at the troupe, chapter, or national level.
3.       Be currently enrolled in high school.
4.       Be present at Thespian Festival 2014 and participate in the daily Thespian Leadership Training.
5.       Be in good standing with State Thespian Chapter and have notified the State Chapter Director of intent to run.
6.       Submit the ITO Candidate application by deadline.
To be considered for one of the positions for 2014-2015, candidates must complete the ITO Candidate Application. In addition, the candidate’s troupe director and/or state chapter director must complete the assessment form. (
Follow the directions on the application regarding submission.
All applications must be received by April 1, 2014.  The current International Thespian Officers will review all applications and will select the top ranked applications for each position. These candidates will then be presented to and voted on by the students attending the Leadership Training at Festival. Each state chapter represented receives one vote. The current ITO will also receive one vote.
Questions, contact Diane Carr at