Summit 2014

By Tracie Kunzika posted 08-01-2014 13:04

This year I had the opportunity to attend the Leadership Summit in Cincinnati, OH, and let me just say that it was packed with information!

Because I am one of the six incoming ITO, along with two student liaisons, we all spent most of our time learning about being student leaders. From the six outgoing ITO, we learned what their duties were and what it meant to be travelling to many different conferences throughout the year. The outgoing ITO were extremely helpful by helping us to understand the reality of their positions and by being brutally honest with us. They let us know that there are times when it will be very hard for us, but we just have to remember why we signed up for this position and to be true to ourselves.

The new ITO and the two liaisons also worked to create our group goals and values for the year. Those both will help us to stay on track with our mission and to drive us to do our best. Along with this, we've got a decent skeleton for both our leadership and advocacy workshops which are both looking quite awesome! 

Be sure to follow all of our social media sites because this new board will be taking over soon! We want everyone to be up to date on all of our endeavours throughout the year, and we want to hear from you too!

Thank you to everyone that I had the opportunity of meeting at Summit, you all helped me to learn a lot about myself and what this next year has in store for me! It's going to be a great year.