Bal masque

By Stephen Thompson posted 07-06-2014 08:11

We are trying to put together a Bal Masque on Friday, Halloween night. As far as I know we've never done this at our small rural all-boy Catholic Benedictine high school and junior high with monks. I'd like the drama club to sponsor it and was considering just making it free on the fly this first time out of the gate. Thought first of a Haunted House or Hayride and I know the boys would love doing it but not sure how that would fly at our little Abbey and Academy. Has anyone ever done anything like this or have any suggestions. Oh, one other element, we have a full day called a "Renaissance Day" the day before in which teachers offer daylong activities outside the curriculum....I've offered stage combat and improv in the past but thought perhaps I could use this with the drama club to set up.
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07-26-2014 19:12

I would be interested in drumming up buzz about the theater program through this event. I would invite celebrity judges to adjudicate a costume contest. Some of the prizes could be free tickets to future shows, or a great prize to incentivize awesome costumes. I would also use the opportunity to show off theatrical make-up and costumes. Have a few drama students show up with great special effects make (latex and toilet paper with a bruise wheel for decaying faces, wounds are always popular, etc.). Students love gore and stage blood. I do a whole lesson with a scientific process on the best stage bloods. Making it from corn syrup, another with red velvet cake mix, and another with chocolate syrup. Then they vote on which is their favorite. Having edible stage blood would be a unique refreshment, and showing them how to make it is very engaging. Instead of having students wear the make-up, you could get celebrities to wear the make-up, like your headmaster. Tape or time-lapse the application to put online for advertisement, and make a big reveal at the event of the make-upped celebrity. You could also set up an application station wear you apply gore to the attendees, or any other special make-up/effects.
These are just a smattering ideas, but hopefully they help!