Communication Editor Candidates

By Sarah Etheridge posted 06-22-2014 01:58

With festival literally days away, I'd like to take a moment for everyone to get to know the three wonderful, intelligent, and charismatic Communication Editor Candidates for the 2014-2015 year!

Starting with out of the box creative Danysha Lamadieu, I already knew the candidates were going to be stellar. Dany is poised and professional and spunky at the same time. When asked who her role model was, Dany very sweetly replied her father. She states that "He's works well with his hands and headed to the Navy and is now an engineer. I've never been so drawn to someone's dedication like I'm drawn to my dad's. He doesn't understand a lot of things, like my dream to continue with Theatre after school, but he never discourages me! He forces himself to see success for me, even though he can't understand it well." Watch for Dany as she continues her journey as an ITO Candidate!

Next we have Rylie Farrar, who I had an amazing opportunity of meeting when I went to the Kansas Festival! She is incredibly empathetic and is always putting others before herself. When asked who her role model was, she responded with "I believe that my perfect role models are my best friends. My friend Laramie has taught me that no matter how many time I get pushed down, you can ways stand up again.My friend Randi will never say a rude word against anyone. Whenever I am feeling upset, she reminds me that there is always more than on the surface. My friend Cassie has shown me that opportunities (like this) only come once in a lifetime, so take a leap of faith. And lastly, my friend Bailee helped me learn to communicate with others better. She showed me how to be a good listener and friend." Rylie will be working hard to seek candidacy at the end of the week.

Last, but certainly never least, is Josh Randolph. I've had a wonderful opportunity to see Josh grow as he comes from my troupe. He has blossomed in so many ways. When Josh was asked who is role model was, he responded with "Grace Morrison, whom many of you don't know, has been my best friend since we were in the second grade and has always been there for me and countless others. The second has to be Sarah Etheridge. She has been one of my closest friends for as long as I can remember. Never once has her support or unconditional love faltered and never has she not done everything for her friends, family, school, and troupe. It's honestly amazing how much she does for others while simultaneously taking care of herself. Lastly is a somewhat new friend of mine, Hannah Grabinski. Hannah has been through so much in her life, but she never lets that wipe the smile off of her face. The amount of adversity she has gone through is astonishing." Josh will be working hard to seek candidacy at the end of the week.

I couldn't be more thrilled to hand down the position to one of these three rockstars. It will be a tough battle, but they will all have my support every step of the way.

So, if you see any of these fantastic candidates at festival, go ahead and talk with them! You won't regret it.