ITO At Home Office

By Sarah Etheridge posted 02-11-2014 16:22

These last couple of days I, and the rest of the ITO board, has had the honor of traveling to Cincinnati and see home office. I learned quite a few things this weekend, and would love to share them all with you!

First, student leaders can handle stress better than a lot of people I know. Each night we had homework assignments, discussions, and even a video to edit by morning. The last night, we were up until 2 in the morning completing our work, but we got it done. We were all eager to learn more, do more, and become more than we already had been so far. 

Second, the EDTA is so incredible. I knew this already, obviously, but actually seeing all that goes on was a life changing event. Jobs that would normally be run by hundreds of people are run by a small, sweet, and entertaining staff. I loved meeting everyone from every department and talking to them about their positions. 

Lastly, I learned how blessed I am to hold the position that I do. Looking at the plaque of ITO boards from years before me, visiting the (unofficial) ITO Clubhouse, and having the privilege of interacting with such important people filled me with joy. This is a job that I will never take for granted.

We worked extremely hard on processes for the future. How do we elect ITO, how are we going to make festival work, and how are we going to insure absolute success for the future? The answers aren't simple, but we are working our hardest to make the lives of the people behind us easier and more efficient.

I am so extremely pleased with the work that has gone into the last couple of days, and it's only sparking debate for more! One thing is for sure though, I can NOT wait to come back to Cincinnati for the Leadership Summit!