Senior Year - Firsts and Lasts

By Sarah Etheridge posted 10-10-2013 10:03

Senior year is full of firsts and lasts. One in particular for me was my last audition. It was very bittersweet walking into my last audition, knowing full well that I would never have to do this again in front of the directors I've grown to love so much.

However, it was a huge learning experience as well. Walking into my last audition got me thinking about my first audition ever. I was so young and naive. I had never really done theatre in a serious manner like this before, and I felt like I was going to vomit the entire time. When I walked into my last audition, I felt calm and excited. This was my last show, and I had worked so hard over the last four years for my final show and for this moment.

Nobody can accurately express all the emotions you feel your senior year. Everybody told me I wouldn't understand until I was there. Now I am here, and I am dealing with a whirlwind of mixed emotions, but I am so excited to continue my journey onward and upward. 

Now, let's just see if I can make it until finding out the callback list!



10-16-2013 14:19

I have my callbacks today!

10-10-2013 22:55

I'd call you back anytime :) how was this an audition for your last show? do you guys just have super early auditions?

10-10-2013 20:40

Love this! Hope you make the callback list!!