Tips for a Student Director?

By Sarah Etheridge posted 09-18-2013 22:03

I've always known that directing was my passion even from a very young age. However, there are always some issues as a student director. The biggest issue I've had is being very serious about attendance and listening to me. Students think that when they are being directed by another student, it is a more relaxed experience.

How do you get students to listen to you without coming off as mean?



11-14-2013 18:07

I am student directing my first show with a class full of my peers! I can relate! Mostly, I try to make everyone feel important and I try to not come off as stand-offish. We are a theatre class full of delicate egos so I know that if I assert myself too powerfully they will react negatively and turn their backs on our project. I make it a point to crack some jokes at rehearsals but also show them how intensely passionate I am about our show. When they care more, they tend to be a little more serious and a lot more respectful.

09-28-2013 12:13

Sarah, We have a lot of student directed work at my school. We created a contract for all participants in the various one-act plays that are being produced. If the students are not willing to abide by and sign the contract (which covers several issues) then they are politely asked to not participate. We also have three Vice Presidents in our thespian troupe that act as moderators if problems arise. We have built the culture over a number of years and rarely have problems. The students "want" to be involved so take things seriously regardless of the project.
Stewart Hawk
Garfield High School
Seattle, WA