A Real Summit

By Rachel Gatewood posted 08-01-2014 16:38

WHAT AN INCREDIBLE OPPORTUNITY SUMMIT WAS! It was such a privilege to get to meet all the faces that put this incredible organization together! From teachers, to state chapter directors, and everyone in between it's so interesting to see the gears that run such a well oiled machine. The real summit of this trip was the realization that I'm now a part of this. Being an ITO is still a very surreal thing for me to wrap my head around, but I recognize that I now have the opportunity to give back to this organization that has given me so much and I get to see how much it has given so many other people, and I thank Thespis constantly  for this opportunity. I'm thankful for the wonderful adults that are shaping me and preparing me for this journey, I'm thankful for the former ITO's and the foot prints they left, and I'm so thankful for my current ITO board and that we get to expand these foot prints. And we won't see the finishing products, but the most rewarding part is just that. It keeps going, this organization will continue to strive and it's because of these incredible adults that I met on this trip. Thank you all for your dedication and your love for this art because it inspires me to do what I love. I'm so PUMPED to share what I learned with my team with so many others and this trip was just the first adventure of many more to come!