A Week for the Books

By Rachel Gatewood posted 07-03-2014 12:33

To whom may read this, 
I have been trying to think of a clever way to start this post, but alas I can not think of any. But I will say that I am so so excited to start blogging this year! Being an International Thespian Officer is sure to take me on a lot of adventures and I can not wait to share them all with you(: But I guess we should begin with where it all began.

When I think of the International Thespian Festival, it reminds me of a blanket. At first, it takes a bit to get comfortable. But before you know it, you are wrapped and surrounded by comfort and security and you can't help but feel content. I began this week in Lincoln anxious out of comprehension. Anxious about running for this position, my Individual event, and very anxious to begin college auditions. But who can be anxious in an environment full of thespians? I started my week each morning with the leadership workshop. I thought I knew everything I needed to know about leadership, but this workshop is full of knowledge and full of individuals who are leaders in every possible way and I grew from just being in the same room as them. I made so many friends in this workshop, from my wonderful small group, "The Naturals", to current ITO members and all ITO candidates. This workshop is where I met some of the most important people in my life from all different parts of the country and I am so grateful for this opportunity. In short; I highly recommend the leadership workshop. 

From college auditions, to workshops, to amazing shows, to dances, and to musicals that will blow your mind, there is something at festival for everyone. I can't go into full detail about all the amazing opportunities that festival has presented to me and so many others, (It would take up way too much space). But I do know that I left this week in Lincoln with more friends and more confidence then I came here with. To all the candidates running for ITO, thank you. I've never met a more talented and incredible bunch of kids in my life and the lessons you've taught and memories we've made will be ones I keep forever. To the current ITO, thank you for being the example and making your job look so much easier then it really is. And finally, to my fellow ITO board of 2015, Alex, Dany, Alyssa, Liz, and Tracie. I couldn't think of any one better in this world to share this incredible journey with and I am so blessed to have each of you in my life. 

I am so honored to be elected the new Region III Representative. I'm so excited to meet so many new people and for the amazing things that 2015 has in store. Thank you for everything, I can't wait to meet you all(:

Happy blogging(:  
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07-09-2014 13:43

Congratulations, Rachel! We're so excited to see more blogs from you this year!