Cinderella's Carriage for Sale!!!

By Peter D'Angelo posted 04-23-2014 11:59

Our high school production of Cinderella's Enchanted Edition was a great success with surprising challenges in the musical score for our chorus, as well as, vibrant opportunities for character work among the wild and wacky cast of characters! (We will be remember the stellar performances of our step-sisters for years to come!)

However, now that our stage is once again dark and the final curtain has fallen, we share the same problem as, I sure, many of my fellow colleagues do... what to do with all of that scenery and specialty props?!

In recent years, I have attempted to share and/or borrow as many props and/or scenery pieces as possible to cut down on expense and time of preparation. I have shared props and scenery locally with a fairly reciprocal and receptive group of local directors. However, I realize that this is not always possible. In addition, I struggle with limited storage.

As a result, I would like to offer this year's largest functional prop/scenery - Cinderella's Carriage - for purchase!
We will be selling this beautifully decorated and painted piece of scenery AT COST - we do not intend to make a profit... we simply cannot store it and would prefer to keep it intact rather than demolish it and/or piece it out for other uses.

If you are even considering this wonderfully magical and heart-warming production (currently having great success on broadway), please email or reply for discussion. Although shipping and transportation is NOT included in an agreed upon asking price, the carriage does happen to fit in the flat bed of an average sized truck and I'm confident that we could arrange for some form of pickup.

Theatrically yours,

Pete D'Angelo
Lockport High School (Western New York)