HELP! Need a drama or comedy for the fall 2014

By Nicole Voss posted 06-09-2014 18:08

I'm having a difficult time finding a PLAY for the fall. I want to challenge my students so fluff is out .Im leaning towards a DRAMA, but comedy is not out if there was a really good one.   I want substance, strong plot & character, something different. Feeling the urge to do something abstract in a set even, if appropriate.

I have 7 strong women in the department (soph-sr) and 2 strong men (juniors)  to draw from. (yes I just graduated a ton of great talent!)   This does not include any incoming freshman, so obviously there might be more there too. ps............. This does not mean Im looking for a script with 7 women. Something with 3-4 is cool too.  I would be fine with script total of like 7 total cast.  Do not want more than 12-14 in a cast.  

I do not do the same show twice, so here is a list of my past shows, please dont list a show Ive already done. Thanks.  Hope someone has some ideas!!!!

Past dramas include:
Wait Until Dark
The Diviners
Death of a Salesman
The Elephant Man
The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie
The Diary of Anne Frank
The House of Blue Leaves
To Kill a Mockingbird
The Miracle Worker
The Crucible
The Grapes of Wrath
Bus Stop
Musical Comedy Murders of 1940

Past comedies include:
Noises Off
Laughter on the 23rd floor
Fox on the Fairway
The Mousetrap
Dont Drink the Water
Leading Ladies
The Man Who Came to Dinner
Moon over Buffalo
Brighton Beach Memoirs
See How they Run
Lend me a Tenor
You Can't Take it With YOu
Harvey (hated that show)

ps... I also do musicals, but have not listed them here, as Im only interested in your thoughts for plays right now. Thanks

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06-15-2014 08:40

When I look at your past shows, I see you've stayed relatively modern. NOTHING wrong with that.
However, if you want to challenge your kids further, why not go Greek? There are some great pieces out there for primarily women - Antigone or Electra, for example. You can do either with a female chorus if you want and there are only a few large male parts. As far as set is concerned, you can go large or small, depending on your crew. When I did Electra years ago, we took out the first few rows of seats in the auditorium and built a circular "orchestra" for our chorus. It brought our performers INCHES from the audience and had a powerful impact.
...and if you're wondering whether or not your community will accept/attend the show, no worries. Market the devil out of it starting now - teach your audience as well as your kids - and you can get them there. We did, and sold out every performance.