Divulging into Directing

By Michaela Way posted 07-03-2014 02:07


I want the light from God too come down and tell me this is the one take it and run. But picking a show doesn't happen like that does it?When starting to direct is the process to read a thousand scripts till you find the one? Why can't God tell me when a script is right for me? This upcoming year offers the opportunity for me to direct a one act play at my community theatre. I know I want to take this opportunity but I also want to have an amazing script. So far I have spent countless sleepless nights reading play after play including tonight. I can see all the plays played out in front of me but not me directing them. I guess my question of the night becomes how do you know you have the one?

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07-09-2014 13:49

Wouldn't it be great if it were that easy? Finding the perfect script while trying to consider the space, budget, available talent, technical needs, etc can be exhausting. The good news-there have been a ton of suggestions posted in the discussion area of the Community, I encourage you to look through the existing threads. It should at least give you some good titles to start with. For me, if it starts taking shape in my mind as I read, then I know it's the right choice. When I can envision how the set would look, what the characters might wear, how they might read a certain line-that's it!