Through the Looking Glass: An Outside Look Into Summit

By Matthew Reindl posted 07-31-2014 19:15

A looking glass. A mirror. A view into a reflection that is opposite of what is normal or expected. Remember that classic Disney cartoon where Mickey Mouse awakens from a groggy nap to find himself faced with a mirror that isn't quite right? It bends, it enchants, and ultimately allows Mickey to step into an alternate world where nothing's as it seems. Just a week ago I found myself in a similar situation to old mouse-eared friend. For those of you that don't know me, my name is Matthew Reindl and I was one of this years ITO Chair candidates. As you may have figured out by now, I lost the election... But much to blissful surprise I was soon contacted by Mrs. Diane Carr. I was offered an advisory position to the board as the Arts Advocacy Liaison. I was then given a chance at a dream I thought was lost... I was invited to join the board at this years 2014 Summit. Much like our pal Mickey I found myself standing infront of the mirror, afraid and cautious. Alas my curiosity and desire to seek fulfillment took over! I took a leap of faith and hopped on a plane to CVG! I was nervous for what could be awaiting my arrival on the other side. Would the board resent my presence? What would my role be this weekend? Will I regret this decision, what if I don't belong?... With a natural disposition to a positive outlook on life, my fears soon vanished and were replaced with hopes of adventure and connection. When I first arrived there was an unresolved tension in the air. Now wether this was a reality or figment of my doubts will undoubtedly remain a mystery. As the week went on we slowly began to reminisce in the things that had previously bonded us and began to connect on more personal levels. Through all the leadership discussions, meal time laughter, and late night talks friendship soon began to form. My discomfort quickly slipped away. The board, although I was not a part of it, was warmly welcoming. They treated me as a companion and friend, making sure it was known that my student voice mattered. This is where the looking glass comes into play. It was complete inverted and opposite of was I had expected. I didn't feel resented or like I didn't belong, I felt a part of the whole big family which is international thespians! For that I have to thank the out-going and in-going ITO boards. You have taught me so much about being not only kind and effective leaders, but loving human beings. For that I will always look up to you. At Summit I got to see a glance into this years plans and I am ever excited to see what you all bring to thespians this year! I look forward to helping and advising this amazing group of individuals in any way I can! You've got the vision, now be fearless! Until next time! Matthew Reindl
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07-31-2014 19:19

I forgot to mention how incredibly impressed I was by the amount of passion, dedication, and vision in one place! The future of thespians is in good hands!