China Visit .... A look back

By Matt Conover posted 05-19-2014 13:27

Julie and I had an excellent experience traveling through China and getting exposure to the great work being led by Jeff Zhu, Lil Ma, Elise Lammers and the team at Dipont Education Mgt to "install" drama programs (English based - western theatre based) in high schools and ultimately middle and primary schools here is this amazing country.  We have had the opportunity to meet many students, several faculty and administrators who all - for the most part - are excited about the possibility too.

Here are a few photos from our visit .... and here is a link to a photo stream of even more!




11-09-2014 10:05

I, too, had the wonderful experience of presenting a Theatre Safety Workshop at the Shanghai Theatre Academy this spring (2014). The students are attentive and interested in western culture, and it was quite interesting to see how things are done in other countries. International experience is rewarding and valuable to both the students and the teachers!

05-22-2014 21:30

Thanks for all the pictures. You captured the experience so well. Very exciting work.

05-19-2014 17:01

This is so cool! Thanks for sharing! Glad y'all had a fun and safe trip!