It is all about Community!

By Matt Conover posted 02-05-2014 22:01

This past weekend, I had the privilege of meeting with the other members of the EdTA Board of Directors in Cincinnati as we continued pushing our effort to keep the association moving forward.  Walking the halls of the home office, seeing the plaques dedicated to all those people who have given days, weeks and years in service of the association.  Seeing the plaques and images recognizing the service many of the states also adorn the halls.  The desks of the staff, neatly cluttered (if thats possible) with all that's necessary to keep the association moving forward.

Moving forward.  It is how we must approach the future -- respecting the past and moving ahead.  This community is the result of countless hours of focus from many, many members of the EdTA staff.  The goal -- to better connect our members with each other and thus create our future.  For a national organization to continue to thrive, we have to learn from each other -- not just inside our school or our chapter, but across the country and eventually the world.  There are such amazing opportunities that something like this tool can create -- but it takes participation.  

Participate.  Converse.  Post.  Share.  Find someone who is not part of the community and encourage them to become a part.