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By Maggie Little posted 06-22-2014 09:43

Wow! Wow! Wow! We have some AWESOME Region 3 Candidates this year, and I wanted to post a quick blog with their responses to some of the questions we asked them on previous Community Blogs. Please please please check them out if you are attending leadership and intend on voting on Friday. Without further ado I present the three fabulous ladies running for ITO Region 3 Representative:

Maison Kelly: When Asked, "What is your favorite theatre memory?"

Our cast always bonds throughout the run of a musical, but I have never seen anything like the closing night of our most recent musical, Annie. Last year's musical was very much overtaken by negativity and apathy, so I was nervous to see what kind of community would surround Annie.
I have never had a more incredible experience and honor in my life than to be a part of that cast.
I've never felt closer to a group of people, and that feeling resonated with every single person in the cast. We had a range of different ages from fourth graders to seniors, and every single person was crying before our final mic check. And I don't mean teary, I mean violent sobbing that it was over. There were people who had never done a show before who were just as moved as people doing their last show before graduation. Everyone just suddenly was aware of how our theatre department has changed our lives. I was completely overwhelmed with gratefulness and joy, realizing that theatre has given me absolutely everything that I have. It's given me a loving community of extraordinary people; it's given me a future. Everyday I work my absolute hardest to accomplish the goals I have found in the theatre. I found my passion and true love in theatre, and I've found a joy greater than anything I could ever imagine.
And that's why I love theatre. I know other activities involve teams that grow close to each other,  but it isn't the same. As cheesy as it sounds, it is absolutely magical. Humanity is at the core of theatre. The thespian family is able to grow so close because we know people! Our job is to tell the stories of people who can't speak for themselves, our characters. Thespians naturally have a strong connection to people because of what theatre is, and maybe that's why the thespian community isn't like anything else. 
So, although I think this is cheating, I would definitely say that Annie has been my favorite theatre memory. I will remember it for the rest of my life!

Rachel Gatewood: When Asked, "What is your favorite theatre memory?"

My favorite theatre memory...where do I begin?

I find this so ironic because yesterday, in preparation for our UIL Region competition, we wrote down all of our fears and hopes for the show onto a poster board, we then were able to walk around the poster boards and read everyone's comments. Most people wrote the stereotypical, "I hope we go to state" or "I want to win an award", but the one that stood out to me was, "I hope we make memories we will never forget." Reading that one comment written by someone I love with all my heart gave me such a greater perspective on why I was at this competition. I had gotten so caught up in the contest side of this contest and advancing that I had lost, what I like to call, my "Why". Having a why just put everything into a mindset that is driven by motivation and passion and it reminds me that I do this because I love this, and that I can not imagine doing anything else.

BUT ANYWAY, back to the point. 
The best theatre memories I've ever made have been made at McKinney Boyd High School. From the moments such as when Mr. McDaniel announced on the intercom at 9:30 AM that Legally Blonde is going to Nationals, or sitting in Buffalo Wild Wings with your closest friends and getting the call that you were the only Group musical selected to MainStage, or being the first school in your city to ever advance to Regionals. These are my favorite memories because I did not achieve these things- my family and I earned these things. I've had the privilege to witness first hand how extremely impactful it is to achieve a goal. In a matter of months I watched my theatre department, formerly separated by cliques and groups, transform into a single unit. Through these experiences, I learned how much teamwork is really required in a profession where individuals aspire a single spotlight. I watched in awestruck as my fellow classmates made these characters and turned them into actual people with pieces of themselves invested into them. And how rewarding it is when 3,000 thespians are valuing your show and appreciating it in a way no one back home ever did. It makes the 11 month rehearsals, the endless set builds, the early Saturday morning calls and stressful dance numbers worth it, because we all got to experience the highs and lows of the process together. While not onstage I remember countless hours in dressing rooms laughing, talking, crying, dancing, hiding food in the ceiling, crawling into cages and pretty much doing anything other than what we were suppose to do. I guess what I'm trying to say is I cherish the memories that I've made with my friends, I cherish the fact that I get to make all these discoveries about characters and watch others do the same and how they magically link together to create this machine that we call a show.
This is why I love ITS GAHHH! They have presented me and my friends and my troupe with such overwhelming and un repayable experiences that we will never forget. I will always always ALWAYS be grateful for that! Some of my favorite memories have been made through this organization, and I can tell you first hand it really is shaping lives. I've watched it shape a whole department for the better.
So yes, I have lots of favorite memories that was long I'm sorry.

Morgan Knowlton: When Asked, "Who is Your Role Model?"

    My theater role model will always be my past director Mr. Hawkins.
I was really shy and had no confidence when entering high school. Then I met Mr. Hawkins and my whole world changed. He showed me what I am capable of and gave me so much confidence. I learned to come out of my shell more and grow in my new found love of theater. He was so passionate about what he did and always put us, his theater family, first. I never met a man who could create such magic on a stage and in one person. I will never give up and fight for what I want and believe in. This is why Daron Hawkins will always be my role model.

Aren't they GREAT ?? Yeah I'm super glad we have 143 members of leadership to help decide who will be the 2014-2015 ITO! 

Thanks for being a great audience :) 


Maggie Little
Region 3 ITO