Thank God For Theatre

By Maggie Little posted 10-10-2013 22:53

I just wanted to say how lucky I am to be a part of theatre. I am the Vice President of my school's Beta Club and tonight we had inductions. The president of our club is one of the nicest most intelligent guys I know and it was his duty to run the meeting and make a semi-formal speech. However, his public speaking skills are not of the highest quality. As he struggled to keep the crowd entertained and attentive, he looked to me. I improvised a little banter and some funny jokes and later gave him some tips on public speaking passing along the advice my old director shared with me, "fake it until you make it." The second half of our evening was a "dramatic" improvement. John was on top of it all and shining like he was under an army of stage-lights. How funny. I love little moments like this when I discover the great powers theatre has lent me. I cherish the good habits theatre has helped me develop. And what a wonderful moment of advocacy! Even if he will never recite shakespeare, I think he has become a performer!

What about theatre makes you thankful? How many times have you noticed the difference between a speaker with performance experience and one a little less seasoned?