Two Shows in Rep

By Lindsay Shields posted 03-21-2014 10:27

Advanced Acting has two shows in rep this weekend.  One is "Freak," a fantasy drama that deals with the extreme consequences of bullying.  In the show, a high school student, Monique, finds herself in a circus sideshow.  Each of the characters has been bullied to the point of turning into the extreme of their torment - a freak.  There is Twyla the Tattoo Freak (covered in tattoos---her choice, but her friends and family don't think so), Benny the Bat Boy (pointy ears, super smart), Kitty (no one notices him), and many more.  They are all controlled by Maniacal Max, the sideshow manager.  We teamed up with Peer Mediation to provide a workshop and talkback after the show.

The other show is "All of Us," an ensemble piece that tracks the lives of LGBT youth across the U.S.  The characters weave together their stories from the past and present, asking the audience to join in to stop discrimination.  We teamed up with our school's GSA to provide a talkback and brainstorming session after the show.