Candidates on Community

By Katie An Siegel posted 05-01-2014 15:20

Many people that have been using the Community have made comments on how wonderful and useful it is, and I completely agree. I LOVE the Community as well, and I am fascinated by all of the different things you can use it for! We are about to use it in a brand new way!
Each year, those interested in being International Thespian Officers apply in the spring. This year, after the applications were reviewed, there were a group of semi-finalists who all had phone interviews. From the semi-finalist pool, the finalists were selected. There are 18 finalists, 3 for each position. These finalists will run at Thespian Festival in Lincoln to be your next ITO. In the mean time, we really want you guys to get to know them. We want you to know who they are and why they are motivated to do this! Because of this, we will be asking them a series of questions in the Thespian Festival Community. These questions are aimed at letting you get to know them! You will know it is a question specifically aimed at the candidates if the post starts with *Candidates.*
I would ask and encourage you to join the Festival Community and take a look at these! This is a great new way to get to know the candidates even better! If you have questions you would like us to add, or a topic you would like to see the candidates blog about, please e-mail them to any of the ITO!
Thank you guys so much, and I really hope this proves to be a good resource for everyone involved!