West Virginia Thespian Festival

By Katie An Siegel posted 03-20-2014 00:59

This past weekend I was lucky enough to get to attend the West Virginia Thespian Festival! I had an absolute wonderful time and everyone was so kind and welcoming! I spent most of my weekend getting to help with fundraisers for Broadway Cares/ Equity Fights AIDs with Caitlin Louden. By the end of the weekend, we had raised $2000 for Broadway Cares! This was West Virginia's goal for the year, and they exceeded last year's fundraising by $800! To raise funds, we sold ducks, rings, bowties, had a silent auction, and had a minute to give it. All were very successful, especially the ducks which we completely sold out of! 

Another highlight of my weekend was the tech projects. West Virginia has a really great program for tech students to display their work. Throughout the weekend, the students had everything from costume design projects to marionettes to set pieces set up in the lobby for people to admire. There were some incredible projects! One of my favorites was the tickle monster marionette. All of the projects were very fun and creative. 

On Friday night, there were two dances. One was a middle school dance, and one was for the high schools. The middle school dance was first. I was lucky enough to get to attend this event, and I had an absolute blast with the Jr. Thespians. They only wanted to dance for a little bit. I happened to have some balloons in my purse though, so we decided to pull those out and play different games with the balloons! This seemed to be a hit I thoroughly enjoyed the time with the Jr Thespians. Then, it was time for the high school dance! This was also a blast. We sold rings and bow ties, which were a huge hit. The music was great, and we even had some teachers that decided to join in on the fun! 

West Virginia was a very successful conference. I want to thank Mrs. Louden, Caitlin Louden, and the West Virginia board for hosting me this weekend. I also want to give a huge thank you to West Virginia University. They were absolutely wonderful hosts. The faculty was amazing and so were their students. (Their students created these awesome shoes out of masking tape.) What an incredible conference, thank you for everything you do in West Virginia!