The Little Things

By Katie An Siegel posted 10-16-2013 23:14

Our fall play, To See the Stars, opens a week from friday. This week, we are having "pre-tech week;" today was the first day that most of the tech crew was there. For this show, I am lucky enough to be the stage manager, so finally having our wonderful crew there was very exciting. We are fortunate enough to have many new techies for this show. Watching the new techies slowly truly understand and get excited about what they are doing, is always something fun to watch. Our techies learn quickly and soon start coming up with other ideas of how to best do the scene changes. Our main concern then became figuring out the best ideas of how to get things on and off. We have several different, yet similar scene changes, and between all of us, we were getting a little mixed up at times. Even though it was great and VERY helpful to have new people and new ideas, rehearsal today was a still a little crazy with everything that had to be done. As we were trying to get things figured out, we had several actors pitching in and helping, and several people who had just dropped by for the day to lend a hand. I also had a couple girls helping to get everyone in their show shoes, and putting the girls in long skirts. Once we got backstage, the cast members were helping myself and our other stage manager show techies where everything went during the changes. Everyone was being really patient with each other; this was really helpful in our first rehearsal with tech. Our tech director, came to talk to me backstage and once we had finished our conversation, I went onstage to help the tech crew with a change. When I came back, our tech director was standing there with my coffee, which he saw had gotten cold, so he took it and heated it up for me. He definitely did not have to do that, but it was so sweet and meaningful. It is the little things sometimes that mean the most. It is the little things that remind me how much of a family our troupe really is. Everyone's parents sign up to bring food each night during tech week, and we all eat dinner together. Our director uses this as a time to give notes, but it also serves as a great opportunity for the cast and crew to hang out together. The sign up sheet went up yesterday, and everyone is already signing up to bring things. It doesn't matter if people sign up to bring 10 things or 1 thing, everyone is still contributing to our time together. Again, it is the little things that make us a family. It is the little things that make a difference. I really appreciated everyone lending a hand today. It was so great to see everyone there and excited, new and old, they are all now family; we could not have pulled off this rehearsal without our family.