Region IV Rep Candidates

By Katie Ferchen posted 06-22-2014 08:20

Festival begins in one day! Let's get to know our 2014-2015 ITO Region IV Rep candidates! Here's some of their favorite highlights from what we've asked them! :)

First is Kim Albanowski from Pennsylvania! I've had the privilege of knowing her since last festival. She is so sweet and on top of everything. She's one of those leaders that will already step up if needed. When asked what her favorite theatre memory was, this was her response: 

"I have come to the decision that I do not only have one memory that is my favorite. My favorite memory is simply our tradtion and dedication to my troupe. However, for the sake of this question, I am going to specify one tradtion that is near and dear to my heart and every heart in my troupe. My troupe has many traditions, but before every show we gather in our green-room and join hands. Whether you are cast, crew, directors or stage managers, in this moment we are all thespians holding tight to one another. This is a very powerful feeling. We join hands and begin any announcements that need to be said, such as what the audience is like, any last minute notes, etc. and our seniors get to say a word. Then, we begin our tradition: "Ladies." It is a very simple tune, "ladies keepin' it light, everything will be alright," one student begins this tune and our eyes are shut, then our directer goes around to everybody and taps them on the shoulder, at that point they add to the tune whatever they desire, whether it be a beat, snaps or claps, a harmonization (which it normally is), or simply just the melody. Every show has their own sound, and it is created here. This also serves to calm any nerves down and create a peaceful environment. Pennsbury's Alma Mater being sung is next(which is not always completely memorized by the entire troupe unless you are a choir kid), but standing in the room with everyone and singing our schools Alma Mater, for the first time with some and for the last time with others is an indescribable and overwhelming feeling. It is not necessarily a specific memory, but it is my favorite moment that is created by my troupe, and with every show it becomes better and better.

Next, we have Tracie Kunzika from Connecticut! When I got to work with Tracie at her state conference, I was able to see how driven she is by her passion for theatre. She is always in a professional mindset when it comes to working with Thespians! When asked who her role model is, Tracie responded: 

"I'd have to say that my ultimate role model has to be my mother, hands down. My mother has gone through many different things that have pushed her back and made her feel like she had to start her life over and over and over again. When my mother was living in Africa as a little girl, going to school was rough. Her family was constantly moving from one place to another because of the wars going on at the time. Some of the time whilst moving from one place to another, her education papers would get lost which meant that she had to repeat a lot of the same grades. However, even though she encountered these kinds of hardships, she still worked on achieving greatness and getting straight A's in all of her classes. My mother still has these same motives and amount of dedication today. 
I look to my mom when I'm feeling discouraged by others about my dreams for the future. Especially, as I'm trying to be an actress, there are many people who tell me that it's a very risky profession to go into and that I should really think about my "Plan B" before I even get started on working towards my dreams. I feel that if my mother could push through all of the disencouragement in her life, that I can as well. That is why I believe that my mother is my role model."

Last, we have Kristin Osinski from Ohio! Kristin is a very genuine leader. She always makes a great impression! She is also so dedicated and works her hardest all the time. When asked who Kristin's role model was, she responded: 

"You know when your parents say you should listen to them because they're always right? Well that's my mom, all the time. The thing is, though, she usually is right about most things, which none of us like to admit of course:) BUT I would be nowhere near where I am today without attempting to follow my mom's (mostly) good advice, and I am so lucky to have her in my life. That's why I think my most important role model is my mom. 
She's the most loving, understanding, and devoted person I know. Our family has had many ups and downs the last few years, but no matter what my mom has always put her family's needs before her own. Regardless of my good days or bad days, my mom always gives me love, care, and encouragement to the best of her ability.
She's also my biggest supporter when it comes to theatre. Ever since I discovered that the arts were my passion, my mom has been on board with my dreams and has encouraged me to do the best that I can. Anyone who's ever told their parents that they want to go into the arts probably knows how hard it is to convince them that your passion is all you want to do. I'm so grateful for my mom for believing in me, and for being my number one fan in everything I do.
A role model is someone who shows exemplary qualities and traits that you want to strive to have yourself, and my mom does that for me. She's my favorite person and my best friend. I love her!"

Don't miss out on getting to know these girls during Thespian Festival. They are all so sweet, hard-working, and just downright awesome. :)