First Year Thespain

By Josh Munden posted 05-28-2014 00:54

Hello everyone! I have just finished my first year of being a full on thespian and I love it! I have always loved theatre and now I'm ending the year taking home first place in One Act with Macbeth at Liberty High School! We also had 11 nominations at our Blue start awards! This is between 49 schools and over 60 musicals and we took home Best Overall Production!! Did I mention I was voted PRESIDENT! If there are any other high school presidents out there I would love to talk with you to get ideas and feed back on things I have planed for my president year! Thank you. Josh. Troupe 5082



05-28-2014 10:28

Congratulations on your accomplishments, Josh! If you haven't already, I recommend joining the Student to Student Community, it will allow you to connect with other students and there are already some great ideas that you can work into your plan for next year!

05-28-2014 00:55

First year *Thespian*