South Carolina Festival

By Jennifer Forrest-James posted 03-04-2014 10:19

Thank you to Joe Timmons for being such a gracious host! The South Carolina conference offers students in the state several performance opportunities in the areas of IEs and One Acts. It was in the area of One Acts that I was especially impressed. Almost all the schools attending choose to bring a One Act performance and the appreciative audience was a prize all could enjoy (truly one of the more well behaved audiences I have had the pleasure of seeing at a high school conference). 
The One Acts are well managed by a stage manager who could easily handle any and all changes that were thrown at her. All aspects of these performances are extremely fair - with both storage space and tech time afforded to each school being equal. And since they have set up time incorporated into the performance time limit the approach most schools take to set up is easily as exciting to see as the 'actual' performances of the one acts themselves!
The working relationship between this chapter and the college which hosts (Winthrop University) is excellent. Clearly both parties see the value in such a good working relationship. 
Finally I was happy to see the alumni who choose to give up their vacation or other free time to come in and work/help run the conference. 

Excellent work!