In back of the outback

By Jane Dykas posted 03-14-2014 11:16

Blog Post 1: A bit of this and that.

I live and teach in a tiny, very rural town. My background, politics, religion, and education is radically different from my students and my students' parents. Perhaps I should call this blog (my first by the way) "a fish out of water" or "Plan B."

This has been a year of student cliques. My current drama class is divided into cliques. Each clique 'claims' a part of the room. I am lucky to have a large room, but -- to my dismay -- the students this year sit in small groups in each corner of the room. They engage in petty fights amongst themselves and with other cliques. Drama in the drama room.

Our current production is Pink Panther. We do not have the capacity to light different parts of the stage, so I am planning to use the very old fashioned periaktois. We also have flats that are attached in sets of two, with handles on the back. Boxes and benches round out the furnishings. We are adding wheels to everything to speed up the changes.

She says, "Done for the day!"