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Community Tips: Digital Ribbons

By Ginny Butsch posted 11-19-2019 13:34


This is one part of a series of blogs about maximizing your experience with our online Community, not only to help newbies get their bearings but to also help experienced users learn more and take the next steps, or assist others.

In this blog, we'll talk about the digital ribbons on Community profiles. There are a plethora of digital ribbons available in the Community.

They are used to highlight your:
-Activity in the Community (Platinum MVM, Blogger)
-Relationship with EdTA (EdTA Member, Thespian Alum, Donor, Attendee)
-Awards or honors (Hall of Fame, Scholarship Recipient, Honor Chapter)
-Participation in EdTA programs (Mentor, Mentee, Teaching Artist)

Some are very easy to obtain, through participating in the Community, serving on a chapter board, or attending an event. Others are more difficult, like earning an Honor Chapter Badge or being inducted into the EdTA Hall of Fame.

On the New to Community page, you’ll find a list of every ribbon and badge, along with information about how they are achieved. It gives you a quick and easy way to identify individuals who are knowledgeable about the different components of EdTA and ITS.

For example, let's take a look at the profile of the current EdTA Board President, Gai Laing Jones, who is clearly incredibly involved in just about every aspect of our organization:
One quick glance gives a history of Gai's participation, from being inducted as a Thespian in high school, to serving on her state's board, to volunteering in our new Mentor Match program. 

A little know fact about the ribbons: if you aren't sure what one means, try clicking on it. Most ribbons link to a page where you can learn more.

If you believe you have earned a ribbon that doesn't appear on your profile, contact me! I'd be happy to help investigate and make sure your recognition appears on your profile. 

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Stay tuned for more tips on all of the exciting aspects of Community. Don't forget that we also have video tutorials in case that's more your speed. If you have ideas for features you'd like to know more about, send me an email at